We have turned learning upside-down!


We believe each of our students will find a passion - something they love and have a gift to do- finding and pursuing this gift we call the Hero's Journey

Our Core Values


I operate with positivity and gratitude while pursuing knowledge and self-awareness. I maintain lifestyle habits like exercise and good nutrition. I care for my spirit by understanding that I am part of something bigger than myself and that my life has value and purpose. A healthy spirit gives and receives love.


I carefully observe the world around me to identify challenges that I am uniquely suited to solve. My creativity fuels my hard work, grit, and endurance. I develop financial literacy as I hone my entrepreneurial mindset of innovation, collaboration, and hustle. I am responsible for my future, while recognizing, with gratitude, those who help me achieve my goals.


I contribute to my community by completing what is expected of me, owning my mistakes, and maintaining healthy relationships. I utilize my resources by asking for help when I need it, consulting others, and investigating before taking action. I will be on time, every time. I make rational and moral decisions. I can be trusted and depended on. I seek truth and justice. I think for myself.


I come from a place of empathy. I respect my community by listening to them, speaking honestly, and helping whenever I can. I am a kind and loyal friend. I do not gossip or use hurtful words or actions towards others. I promote equity and fairness in all situations. I have the courage to stand up for what is right.


I will strive for continuous improvement in my schoolwork, friendships and personal endeavors. I will build on my ideas. I set high standards for my behavior and the work that I deliver. I use my time wisely. I believe that growth is greater than perfection.


As an act of service and respect, I consider others in everything I do. I support, encourage, and strengthen my community with a kind and compassionate heart. I serve for the sake of others, not for recognition. I will discover and use my precious gifts to bring value to the lives of others. I believe in political and religious freedom and will strive to promote equity. I understand my purpose and am mission driven.